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and with it the challenge of depositing production residue from mining operations safely and sustainably. 这可能涉及相当大的风险. 例如, production residue from the mining industry, 通常以液体浆液的形式存在, is usually collected in huge settling ponds. This carries the inherent risk of the dams collapsing, which in the past has caused environmental disasters.


十大彩票平台的帮助下, the 巴西ian mining company ITAMINAS has installed an innovative filter system to remove more than 80% of the moisture in the slurry and finally dispose of it by environmentally compatible means. The process offers big ecological, social and economic advantages.

In the mining industry, dealing with production residue – so-called tailings – is challenging. Storing the often toxic mineral slurry in large ponds secured by dams is a dangerous business. Dams that collapsed in 巴西 and Hungary have caused huge disasters in the past.

How can smart tailings treatment help to preserve the environment?

ITAMINAS, 总部在米纳斯吉拉斯州, 巴西, mines and processes iron ore and is one of the first mining companies in the country to implement an innovative strategy for safely storing the tailings. The company deliberately avoids using dams for this purpose and has achieved considerable ecological, economic and social success with the ecological restoration of those areas where ponds and dams had previously been used in mining operations.

The company has concentrated on implementing a custom-tailored filtration system followed by safe stacking of dry tailings. It uses special filter presses from 十大彩票平台, equipped with a metri addIQ control system. ITAMINAS currently has four filter presses, which were manufactured in 巴西. 到2022年,还会有更多的机器紧随其后.

View of part of a plant for mining iron ore

ITAMINAS has been mining iron ore since 1959. The company has its headquarters in the 巴西ian state of Minas Gerais.


Clacione de Oliveira is Superintendent Director of the mine in Minas Gerais. She explains why the mine has chosen to collaborate with 十大彩票平台 and what advantages the new process offers:

“Using 十大彩票平台 filter presses gave ITAMINAS the motivation and energy to operate in a safe, 创新及可持续发展的方式.

“Eliminating the deposition of tailings in the containment dams was my biggest dream, 2021年2月, 这个梦想实现了.

“此外, we were able to recover more than 90% of all the water in the system, contributing towards conscious use of this asset, 哪个变得越来越稀缺.

Clacione de Oliveira, Superintendent Director of the mine in Minas Gerais

Clacione de Oliveira is Superintendent Director of the mine in Minas Gerais


“目前, we are starting operation of filter press number 4 and in the process of de-characterizing the existing tailings dams. This is a committment we have signed with the community and regulatory authorities and which is also part of the values of ITAMINAS, 即尊重环境, 卓越和透明度,”沿着斜坡一路翻滚下来说, as she is known throughout the mining community.


Stacking of dried tailings has several advantages: It not only reduces the risk to the environment, the neighboring population and the workforce. The recovered water can also be reused in the production process, 因此,总的来说,淡水需求减少了. This prevents production from slowing down or grinding to a halt during the dry season.



ITAMINAS uses the largest 十大彩票平台 overhead filter presses (L = 29.4 m, W = 6.0 m, H = 5.1 m). Equipped with 200 filter plates, each measuring 2.5 × 2.5米, and with a total machine weight of 194 tons, these machines are also amongst the largest filter presses worldwide.


metri addIQ

The integrated metri addIQ Prime control system, including the optional metri addIQ Connect, ensures efficient and smoothest possible operation. It optimizes and maximizes the output of the individual machines and contains numerous diagnostic and automation functions. The control system is operated intuitively thanks to a touchscreen, thus overcoming any language or training barriers. In addition, the system can provide remote monitoring and support online. 作为一个结果, 十大彩票平台 specialists from around the world can communicate securely and quickly with the filter presses on site if necessary and assist the ITAMINAS staff.



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ITAMINAS chooses a smart approach for tailings treatment with 十大彩票平台 filter presses



十大彩票平台 Filter presses for iron ore tailings in Minas Gerais, 巴西


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